How well negatives, slides and pictures have been preserved depends on many factors. The maximum care in choosing the container (paper, plastic, specialty materials) and the appropriate storage, could still not be sufficient if the quality of the initial product was not good, or if there was lack of attention and professionalism at the time of development. In general, film has shown to be resistant to the attacks of time and the images are almost always safe or worst case, recoverable with a touch from a digital "magic wand". The same procedures can be applied also on restored prints...

RETOUCH - The entire image is optimized to be able to visualize correctly on a display.
Brightness/ Contrast
Color saturation
Cleaning of the borders

PRO-RETOUCH - The "retouch" process is applied systematically so that corrections are done to obtain clean and printable images.
Scratches and spots
Rips and tears (partial recovery)